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T10 Large 10-inch Trimmer     $480

Because of the size and weight of the T10 trimmer, it is shipped by UPS ground. The shipping cost is usually between $65 (Arizona) and $130 (Maine). International buyers please inquire for options.

The T10 Rock Splitter/Trimmer is the largest model  Swarf Systems makes. It is capable of splitting an 8" (20 cm) rock.

​The T10 is built for heavy use. All of the critical steel components are hardened alloy steel:

  • drive screw (B7 Chrome-Moly Alloy)

  • chisels (HRC60)

  • frame bolts (Grade 8)


Included with the trimmer is a pair of 13" (33 cm) steel cheater pipes to increase the torque on the handle.

This machine MUST be anchored, either to a floor or to a heavy board, for proper operation. If it is not anchored, it is impossible to achieve the necessary torque to break large rocks. Instructions are included for a low cost mounting method.

The compression force has been measured at more than 3000 pounds (13 KN), and the pressure at the chisels (for worn chisels, not sharp, new ones) exceeds 55000 psi (380 MPa). With these forces, hard rocks break explosively, so safety precautions must be followed. ALWAYS USE ANSI SAFETY GLASSES.

Lifetime warranty for trimmer machine, 90 day warranty for chisels. Warranty void if the trimmer is allowed to rust.


Always use ANSI-Approved safety glasses

Caution: Rock may fly with high speed during breaks



Height (handle tight):          19"   (483 mm)

Height (handle extended):  27.5"   (700 mm)

Width:                                   10.5"   (267 mm)

Body Thickness:                  1.25"   (32 mm)

Base Dimensions:               4" x 10.5" x 1/4" thick

                                              (102 x 267 x 6 mm)

 Base Mounting Holes:        (8) 1/4" holes

                                              (6 mm, 76 x 127 mm)

 Max Inside Dimension:      8.5" H x 8.25" W

                                              (216 x 210 mm)

 Handle Dimensions:           3/4" diameter x 12" long

                                               (19 x 305 mm)

 Gross Weight:                      32 lb / 14.5 Kg

 Chisels Included:                 7/8" diameter 70° (2)


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