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Swarf Systems is, first and foremost, a machine shop with electronics capability. Custom jobs are always welcome, and low overhead allows prices to be kept very low. New ideas, prototyping, and sometimes just something different, are pleasant changes. Already a fair amount of work is performed making spare parts for other brands of rock trimmers. Never be afraid to ask if you have an idea you want turned into reality.

Machining Capabilities:

12x36 lathe, Imperial + Metric threading

9x39 knee mill

16" metal + wood vertical bandsaw

grinder, belt sander, hydraulic press

Precision miniature drill press

24" Box and Pan Brake

Electronics Capabilities:

Basic PCB layout, fab, assembly (single sided) in-house

Basic circuit design, debug, test

Test equipment includes

meters, oscilloscope, power supplies, etc.


About Heat Treating


Steel, when manufactured at the mill, is relatively soft. In order to make the steel hard, so it is durable in the form of tools and chisels, it must be heat treated. Properly heat treating materials is a difficult task, and Swarf Systems subcontracts all such work to Pacific Heat Treating Co. (PHT for short). PHT charges about $200 for the first pound, and $100 each additional pound, for their services. If your custom part (rock trimmer chisel or anything else) needs hardening, this cost must be covered. For this reason, Swarf Systems keeps a small bin of parts needing heat treating. When the bin is full, a run to PHT is made for hardening. If you are willing to wait, your part is added to the bin and in a week...month...sometimes longer, the gurus at PHT will perform their magic. If you cannot wait, then you must be prepared to pay the roughly $200 or more up front. Sorry, but that's the way it is. When combining work with others, the bill is split based upon what fraction of the total weight each customer has.

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Just a portion of Swarf Systems metal library used for prototyping.

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