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How To Buy

At Swarf Systems, all products are assembled to order and negligible finished inventory is maintained. Customers are asked to take the following steps when ordering:

1. Be Patient. Depending on what products are in the queue and custom work orders, you may have to wait 6 weeks or more. Remember, this is a one man operation.


2. Send an email identifying the item(s) desired. Be sure to include the complete shipping address (or sales location for pickup or delivery).

3. Swarf Systems will respond with an estimate of the shipping date, sales tax (if applicable), and shipping cost.





- US Dollars cash (in person only)

- Checks (US banks only, in US dollars)

- PayPal "Friends and Family" mode

- PayPal normal mode with a 3.5% surcharge

- If the customer wishes to receive a PayPal Invoice, the 3.5% surcharge will be added automatically.


California customers must pay 9.5% sales tax.

Credit cards are not accepted by Swarf Systems, but may be used with PayPal.

International sales must be paid using PayPal.

Shipping & Handling:

Swarf Systems does not charge a "handling" fee.

A small additional fee is added to shipments to offset the cost of packing materials and other miscellaneous items as needed. Packing materials are recycled as much as possible.

About Carriers:

USPS (US Postal Service) cannot be trusted. They do not honor their insurance (just google USPS insurance). It is a scam. In addition, they have lost and damaged $1600 of Swarf Systems merchandise in 6 months. If a customer requests USPS, they must agree that Swarf Systems is not responsible for lost or damaged orders, and that Swarf Systems will not assist in the USPS claims process.

Swarf Systems recommends UPS and FedEx. We will work with customers to save as much shipping cost as possible. UPS ground is usually the best price.

NOTE: If the order is damaged or incomplete upon delivery, please save all packaging, take photos, and contact Swarf Systems AND the shipping carrier as soon as possible.



Chisels & illuminators are usually about $30-$35 to ship UPS.

T6 shipping cost is usually ~$37.

T10 (and any other large items) is ~$65 (AZ) - ~$130 (ME).

International Shipping:

International shipping is very expensive: about USD $200 for a T6 trimmer to Europe. Even a small packet of chisels is around $175 to ship. USPS is much less, but refer to the statement above about carriers.

The customs declaration will reflect the actual cost of the purchase. Swarf Systems does not report false information to customs.

A customs import duty fee is often required by the recipient, especially in Canada and EU. The customer is responsible for payment of this customs fee. Swarf Systems cannot predict the amount of the duty fee. Customers should contact their country's import customs organization for help.


About Customization

Want a smaller base on your trimmer? Or different size holes? Or countersunk holes?

Many small changes of this type can be added for little or no cost when requested at the time of ordering. Even if there is a fee, it is probably less than you expect.



Things break. People make mistakes. Sh*t happens. Swarf Systems likes to stay informal and customer oriented. So when something goes wrong, send us an email. The policy until someone abuses it is: If it breaks, We will fix it. There are some conditions, however: If damage is due to abuse or very heavy use, continual repairs will not be made. Chisels are limited to 90 days. Warranty for rock trimmers is void if allowed to rust. The customer is always responsible for delivering the item to Swarf Systems for repair, and in most cases also for return shipping.


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