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About Swarf Systems


What is Swarf?


Swarf is the long, stringy ribbons and threads of metal waste produced when drilling, milling, or turning (on a lathe). The term often includes all forms of cuttings and waste produced during metalworking.


About Swarf Systems


Swarf Systems grew out of the combination of two of Ted Hadley’s hobbies: a life long love for minerals and mineral collecting and the enjoyment of making things by metalworking. The first product was a hard hat mounted lamp to use underground when collecting minerals. Friends and associates saw the quality and performance of the lamp and asked for lamps of their own. Then Mr. Hadley’s 35 year old rock trimmer died. Upon looking at the cost to replace it with a trimmer that was still not exactly what he wanted, he decided to make his own with the features he desired. Upon showing his prototype at a mineralogy conference, three as yet unbuilt units sold immediately. That is how the business began.


About Ted Hadley


Ted Hadley is a lifelong mineral collector and amateur mineralogist beginning at an early age (preteens). He graduated from the University of Arizona in 1983 with a BS in Electronics Engineering and moved to Silicon Valley to pursue his career. He continued his mineral collecting hobby with others such as Gail Dunning, Fen Cooper, and John Magnasco. He retired from Hewlett Packard in 2012.


Always an innovator, Mr. Hadley has been awarded the following patents, which cover electronics, software and algorithms, microprocessor design, and enclosures: US Patents 4718576, 8667244, 8717831, 8918893, 8930154, 9015516, 9418027, 9418026, Canadian Patent 1255151, and 8 more patents pending.


Mr. Hadley has been honored with the mineral “tedhadleyite”, a mercury oxyhalide from the Clear Creek, Claim, San Benito Co., CA.

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