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T6  Standard 6-inch Rock Trimmer    $300



 Height (handle tight):          10"   (254 mm)

 Height (handle extended):  12.5"   (318 mm)

 Width:                                   5.9"   (150 mm)

 Body Thickness:                  1"   (25 mm)

 Base Dimensions:               4" x 6" x 1/4" thick

                                               (102 x 152 x 6 mm)

 Base Mounting Holes:        (4) 1/4" holes 3" x 5" pattern

                                               (6 mm, 76 x 127 mm)

 Max Inside Dimension:       2" H x 4.5" W   (51 x 114 mm)

 Handle Dimensions:           1/2" diameter x 9" long

                                               (13 x 229 mm)

 Gross Weight:                      8 lb / 3.6 Kg

 Chisels Included:                 5/8" diameter 45° (2)


“I just wanted you to know this trimmer is phenomenal.  I can't believe what a difference a well made trimmer makes.  We all know a rock breaks where it wants to, despite our efforts to trim in a certain way.  But since using your trimmer I notice things really break where I intend them to.  Pressure applied in an exact manner (and your engineering insures that) make a break at precisely where I intend nearly always.  Finally a lucky break in my favor, and another, and another.  And the force needed for those breaks is far less than my old unit.  Thanks for your product!”

  -- Chuck Adan, Salt Lake City, UT, 2018

“Awesome trimmer, job well done.  I didn’t want to stop using it this afternoon.”


-- Brian McGrath, Rochester, NY, 2019

Features of the T6 Trimmer



1. A balanced handle which can be turned with one finger. Other trimmers may have fancy adjustable handles, but they only make it harder to use.

2. A smooth, uniform handle which can be used with a cheater bar (a length of pipe used to gain more leverage).

3. Small, completely recessed setscrews to hold the chisels in place. Big thumbscrews often get in the way.

4. A large base conveniently drilled for mounting onto a table. With a nice, large base, the screw heads do not get in the way of the trimmer body. Also, the holes are not countersunk, which makes it easier to really tighten hex head bolts. (Of course, if you want countersunk holes, just ask!)

5. A big, sturdy drive screw. The 5/8-18 screw has a fine pitch for good leverage and control and enough "beef" to withstand even the toughest rocks.

Lifetime warranty for trimmer machine, 90 day warranty for chisels. Warranty void if the trimmer is allowed to rust.

Alternate Version:      $350

Substitute alloy steel drive screw and make the top bar 50% thicker. This is useful for very heavy users with especcially hard matrix. This is not a standard item and must be specially ordered.

Always use ANSI-Approved safety glasses

Caution: Rock may fly with high speed during breaks

"I have broken down hundreds of pieces of very hard rock in my Swarf trimmer and it has stood up to the punishment. I even broke an oversized piece many inches thick by using a 30" cheater bar. I do not recommend this at all, but thankfully the trimmer did the job without any bending or breakage. Another reason I like this trimmer is the ability to feel what the trimmer is doing in order to vary the applied pressure accordingly. This is critical when working delicate crystal pockets out of a hard matrix, and it is not possible with hydraulic and motorized trimmers. Swarf is my go to supplier for my trimmer needs."


-- Mike Cox, Soquel, CA

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