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LH1  Hard Hat Lamp     $150

The LH1 is a high reliability, bright, and long lasting lamp designed for hard hat mounting. This allows you to wear a light while leaving your hands free, but is NOT to be considered safety equipment.


The battery pack requires 4 'C' cells and provides full brigntness for 8 full hours. Usable light is available for an additional 6 hours (14 hours total).  The lamp has a built-in on/off switch. The lamp has a wing-nut for adjusting the tilt of the lamp so that  you can aim the light where you need it. The cord disconnects at the battery holder with a heavy duty power connector.

NOTE: The LH1 has NOT been approved by any safety agency. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.



 Batteries:                     4 each size 'C'  (not included)

 Voltage & Current:     6.0VDC, 480 mA

 Battery Life:                8 hours by design, usable to 14 hrs total. (see note 3)

 Number of LEDs:       24

 Beam angle:               15 degrees standard (see note 1)

 LED Color Temp:        9000K (cool white)

 Total Intensity:            835,200 mcd typical

 Total Luminous Flux  45 lumens typical

 Housing:                      PVC and Aluminum (see note 4)

 Mount:                         Aluminum or Delrin® (see note2)

 Mount type:                2 x 8-32 on 0.75" centers

 Cord Length:              4 feet

Note 1: LEDs can be 15 degrees (spot) or 55 degrees (flood) or any mix. UV LEDs (380nm) can added at additional cost. Contact for details. The standard is 24 each 15 degrees.

Note 2: The mount can be made with either Delrin® or aluminum. Aluminum is stronger, but heavier, while Delrin® is lighter weight. Delrin® is still very strong. The cost is the same for each choice.

Note 3: The electronics is designed to guarantee 8 full hours of high brightness. The unit was tested independently and found to work with high brightness in excess of 14 hours. Individual results may vary depending on the type of batteries used and their age and temperature.

Note 4: An all-aluminum housing is available for $35 additional.

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