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FS1  Camera Focus Stand        $200

This product is a camera mount attached to a smooth rack and pinion focusing mechanism. The mount is optimized for the Olympus TG-4 camera, which has multifocus capability built in. A large, heavy base helps keep vibrations to a minimum, and rubber feet protect furniture. This item is shipped disassembled but includes all hardware and tools needed to assemble.



 Base Dimensions:            8" x 10"               (note 1)

  Post height:                      10"

 Fine focus range:             2"

 Coarse focus range:        6-1/2"

 Weight:                               8 Lbs / 3.6 Kg

Note 1: Some units have 9" x 10" bases. While supplies last, customers may specify their preference when ordering.

Mineral photos taken with the Olympus TG-4 in the FS1 Focus Stand. Photos courtesy of Dan Evanich.

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